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Uncategorized Małopolska Innovation Rocket

Electrotechnology and machine industry are specializations with a high technological advancement and a high potential for discovery of new outlets. In this context, further support from the region should be continued – according to the strategy – in respect of R&D projects, infrastructure (laboratories and their equipment, research equipment, software, etc), and also supporting cooperation with science, including industrial doctoral programmes, financing jobs of scientists and training that follows the needs of entrepreneurs.
This intelligent specialization assumes also support for participation in fairs and exhibitions. Within the scope of development of Industry 4.0 and rising enterprise competitiveness, it is required to allocate funds for digitization and automation of operations. A significant support in the above actions is expected from DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) coordinated by Krakow Technological Park, thanks to its ability to provide such services as technological audit or evaluation of technological readiness for Industry 4.0 solutions. There is also a need for new instruments to strengthen cooperation of companies with industry-oriented education (factory/profiled classes, financing of in-company training for students, financing of vocational courses for teachers and students of industry schools).
What else? One should try to increase recognition of specializations in international arena, promote Lesser Poland as a kind of „hub for enterprises” offering products and services that follow global and technological trends, which is expected to find new outlets for entrepreneurs. It is also advisable to strengthen export potential of companies by preparing export strategies and actions to promote and
strengthen competitiveness of companies in this scope.

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