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Home Aktualności Summary of the trip to Latitude59 in Tallinn from the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project

Summary of the trip to Latitude59 in Tallinn from the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project

Małopolska Innovation Rocket

The Latitude59 event, which took place on 19-20.05.2022 in Tallinn, was attended by two companies from the Economic Accelerator program as part of the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project: Kooderzy and Onteon Tech.

Latitude59 was an intimate event devoted to startups, new technologies and innovations, which was organized in one of the most modern capitals of Europe. In its assumption, Latitude59 resembled a small festival during which participants discussed digital technology and entrepreneurship. During the conference, it was possible to establish valuable contacts, participate in interesting discussions and listen to startup pitchs.

We encourage you to read the reports from the events that took place during Latitude59 in Tallinn, which are available on our website www.economicaccelerator.pl:

Companies from the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project at Latitude59: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/firmy-z-projektu-malopolska-innovation-rocket-na-latitude59/
“Digital Nomads and the future of work” – report from the Latitude59 discussion panel in Tallinn: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/digital-nomads-and-the-future-of-work-relacja-z-panelu-dyskusyjnego- latitude59-w-tallinnie /
“ESG Measurements, sustainability needs and decarbonisation” – report from the Latitude59 presentation in Tallinn: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/esg-measurements-sustainability-needs-and-decarbonisation-relacja-z-prezentacji-latitude59-w-tallinnie /
“Mental health – an often overlooked priority for founders and their investors” – Latitude59 discussion panel in Tallinn: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/en/mental-health-an-often-overlooked-priority-for-founders-and -their-investors-latitude59-discussion-panel-in-tallinn /
“What world we want to retire into” – Latitude59 discussion panel in Tallinn: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/what-world-we-want-to-retire-into-panel-dyskusjski-latitude59-w-tallinie/
Below we present the profiles of individual companies participating in the event on behalf of the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project.


Creative design and programming. Dedicated solutions and fresh ideas, an individual approach to each client and the use of the latest technologies – all this allows us to effectively and effectively create the image of many companies on the web. All our projects are tailor-made like a branded suit, proper fit and individualism are to distinguish the company. Each element we create is not a coincidence, it has the appropriate function and task to be performed. All these treatments allow us to prepare fully functional dedicated software for our clients.

Onteon Tech

Onteon Tech is a technology startup that provides a complete, efficient and easy-to-use platform for creating, deploying and managing applications – containerized, native microservices and legacy applications. Onteon can run on-premise, in hybrid and in the cloud. Onteon Tech addresses shrinking budgets by providing an effortless-to-use platform that requires less human resources (DevOps), fewer IT infrastructure components, and less time to deploy customer applications.

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