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Home Aktualności Summary of the trip to the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona from the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project

Summary of the trip to the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona from the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project

Małopolska Innovation Rocket

The EU-Startups Summit 2022, which took place on 12-13.05 in Barcelona, was attended by three companies from the Economic Accelerator program as part of the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project: Versatilex, Medical Simulation Technolgies and Score Digital.

EU-Startups Summit 2022 gathered over 1,500 founders of innovative companies, startup enthusiasts, corporations, business angels, VC and media from all over Europe. The two-day event was a great opportunity for networking and a meeting place for budding entrepreneurs and investors who want to build international technology companies.

Interviews and discussion panels were conducted with internationally successful founders and industry experts who talked about how to successfully run your own business. During the event, exhibitors also presented themselves – mainly startups and institutions of the business environment and the startup ecosystem.

We encourage you to read the reports from the events that took place during the EU-Startups Summit 2022, which are available on our website:

EU-Startups Summit 2022 Barcelona – report from the first day of the event: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/eu-startups-summit-2022-barcelona-relacja-z-pierwszej-dnia-wydarzenia/

· “About what to do to make your startup appear in the media” – report from the EU-Startups Summit 2022 panel: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/o-tym-co-zrobic-zeby-twoj-startup-pojawil -sie-w-media-panel-report-eu-startups-summit-2022 /

· “Growing Global Company – The Female Founder Perspective” – ​​presentation of the EU-Startups Summit 2022: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/growing-global-company-the-female-founder-perspectiv-prezentacja-eu-startups-summit -2022 /

· “The Importance of Coaching and the Right Leadership Mindset: Top Tips from an European Unicorn” – report from the EU-Startups Summit 2022 discussion panel: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/the-importance-of-coaching-and- the-right-leadership-mindset-top-tips-from-an-european-unicorn-eu-startups-summit-2022 /

· “Insights from a Serial Fintech Founder – The Art of Fundraising & How to Thrive as a Fintech Founder” – report from the EU-Startups Summit 2022 discussion panel: https://www.economicaccelerator.pl/insights-from-a-serial -fintech-founder-the-art-of-fundraising-how-to-thrive-as-a-fintech-founder-relation-z-panel-discussion-eu-startups-summit-2022 /

Below we present the profiles of individual companies participating in the event on behalf of the Małopolska Innovation Rocket project.


A company from the Smart City area offering intelligent elements of urban infrastructure equipped with off-grid solar installations: scooter charging stations, bus shelters, solar benches, kiosks and litter bins. Incity.io – our city management platform – allows you to remotely monitor devices and view the data they collect in real time. It enables calculation of CO2 reduction and control of multimedia functions.

Medical Simulation Technologies

Medical Simulation Technologies is the only company in Poland and one of the 4 main companies in the world to manufacture advanced medical simulators for learning cardiological procedures. Our products have gained recognition in particular in the USA. Our simulators help cardiologists better understand the problems of echocardiographic projections and better understand the anatomy of the heart from the perspective of ultrasound imaging methods.

Score Digital

The company offers digital products built in Krakow and used all over the world. We support market leaders on their way to turn powerful ideas into digital success. Above all, we value openness and quality. We are inventive, reliable and we feel responsible for the success of our clients. Once we are committed, we will complete the tasks and deliver, leaving no room for mistakes.

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